Saturday, December 4, 2010

Uht Ohhh

We went to the PAL center's Christmas party to hang out and get Santa pictures today.

It was fun, albeit crowded towards the afternoon.

Liliya was kinda blahhh and she fell asleep on me halfway through the party.

Then I felt like crap this afternoon (baddd headache), took a nap, and when I woke up, Liliya was *hot*.

I guess she had been laying on the couch the whole time I was napping (3 hours, ouch, and I felt like I could have slept straight through, all night, until morning, after laying down at 2pm).

My poor Bee is sick :o(

And I'm sure it'll make it's way around to the rest of the kidsss.

She says her throat hurts but I can't get a good look at all.
She won't let me look in her ears either.

If she's still running a fever by Monday, we'll go to the walk-in.

Blah :o(


Pauline helped me purge three huge trash bags yesterday.
Stuff that didn't fit the kids anymore.
Stuff that I had too much of and they didn't really wear because they have other stuff we like better.
It's all gonnnne now.


Three trash bags worth LESS stuff to end up all over the friggin floor!

I was hoping to get more done today.
But yeah, between my headache/nap and Liliya's fever, didn't happen.

Maybe tomorrow.
We'll see.

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