Friday, December 24, 2010

Fifteen hours.
Fourty one minutes.

Till Christmasssssssssss!!!

Liliya woke up with a fever :o(
She came downstairs and she looked really flush, so I put my hands on her neck...
she felt *really* warm, thermometer said only 99.7, though it's really hard to get a two year old to hold the thing under her tongue.
Never a good sign.
It seems like we're all passing around these little non-descript viruses.
Random vomiting.
Aches and pains.
Usually alone, just one symptom at a time.


And I hope no one else gets sick and that she comes out of it, *quick*.
I gave her a dose of children's ibuprofen and a sippy cup of watered down juice.
(the kids use real cups, but the girls will both drink a LOT more if it's in a sippy cup they can carry around)
She's not acting miserable, at least.
She actually seems fine, albeit a little extra sensitive.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
And my toes.
And I would cross my eyes but my grandma always told me to be careful or my face would freeze that way.

So, yes...
15 hours
34 minutes
9 seconds
8 seconds
7 seconds
6 seconds
5 seconds
4 seconds

 till Christmas!!!

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