Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is it Christmas yet?

It's Tuesday.
Still have to get through the rest of today.
And Friday.
although Friday is our 'first day of Christmas'.

Four more days!!!


I can't wait!

Still gotta do lots of wrapping.
Mom went out yesterday and found LaLaLoopsy's for the girls.
All they had was the 'twin pack', so we didn't really get to pick which ones, but they will be thrilled anyway.
She also picked up the nerf case for the DSL for Rayce.

So, the kids are DONE.

I STILL need to get out (maybe tonight? after bedtime?) and pick up a few things for the little cousins, a frame for Dad and Kim, and something for Ashley.
And print pictures.
In fact, I may order them online so I can just go pick them up later and not have to stand at the kiosk forever.
Yep, I think I will.

Today's focus is cleaning and laundry.
The house is a MESS.
During the weekend getaway, the kids watched TV in my room, because our downstairs cable wasn't working.
AKA... Rayce watched TV in my room while the girls literally flung clean laundry from floor to ceiling, left to right, and you cannot see my floor anymore.
SOOOO I've got to take care of that mess.
Yeah, that's right, I didn't take care of yesterday.
So what?!

Since getting the manicure and pedicure on Saturday, I have not bitten my nails and I have not picked at my cuticles.
Go me!!
And thank you and congrats again Amy!!!!!

In other exciting news, I have a date coming up within the next week or two.
More details on that after the fact, I don't wanna put the cart before the horse :o)

Anyway, enough for now, I must get to that small mountain of laundry, and finish sweeping, and mop, and clean the dog's kennel, etc etc etc etc etc.


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