Thursday, December 30, 2010

The verdict: (or lackthereof): antibiotics to treat whatever is giving her these fevers (the fever is back as of this afternoon, 99.6 at the walk-in and she was burning up by the time we got home three hours later) and making the lymph node in her groin swell. A specialist is going to be reading the x-rays to check for juvenile arthritis and for a possible deformation of the epiphyseal plate in her knee (the Dr who saw us said he wasn't sure if she had 'air in the epiphyseal plate' (?), so they sent it to the hospital). I'm not particularly concerned about that, though. It came on suddenly, seems like if it was something like that, it would have come on gradually. All I can think of is she must have twisted it or something, I have no idea what. Sooo we'll play it by ear and hopefully it gets better over the next few days. We have a follow up appointment next week with her primary doctor's assistant. I'm tired and I have a headache from spending hours under florescent lights at the Dr's office. Is it bedtime yet?!

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