Monday, December 27, 2010

Moon dough... yay or nay?

Has anyone else had/used moon dough?

The kids have been wanting it for a while, and they got some for Christmas.

I think it's really neat.
It's weird.
It's very lightweight, like foam.
It crumbles, like moon sand.
But it's not sand.
It's like the consistency of foam dust.
It sticks to itself only.

Like I said, it is crumbly.
And not as moldable as play-doh, by any means.
BUT it doesn't stick to the floor.
Or the table.
Or your clothes.
You just brush it off or sweep it up when it makes a mess.
Easy peasy!

And it never dries out.
Which is great for my kiddos, who detest cleaning up.

Out of five stars, I give Moon Dough a 4.
-1 for the crumbliness and less moldability
+4 for ease of clean up and the really weird and neat texture and level of fun

Your thoughts???

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