Thursday, December 23, 2010

One day.
Fifteen hours.
And twelve minutes.


Can you tell I'm excited???


Ughhh, I can't wait!

I was sick to my stomach last night.
Today I still feel sick but thankfully not like I'm going to actually puke again.
And I'm still ridiculously excited.

One of my best friends came over last night to keep the kids busy upstairs so I could finish wrapping gifts.
I still have a couple more to wrap.
They're the hard ones, the oddly shaped ones with half boxes and sharp edges.
I think they do that on purpose.
I really do.
But other than those couple left to wrap, I'm done.
Before Christmas Eve!
(first time ever!)

I am just soooo excited.
I just know the kids are going to be thrilled with every single thing we got for them. 
Which makes me thrilled.
And I can't wait to see their little faces light up.

(I better find my camera charger and get it charging, huh?!?!)

I'm hoping that if I can make myself eat something, my stomach will feel better enough that I can get some stuff done.

Yesterday I did a lot.
I decided to ditch Dante's toddler bed.
Because no one ever sleeps on it.
Usually, all three boys pile up on the bottom bunk together.
I saved the mattress, I'm just gonna keep it under the bed.
But it takes up too much room to keep when no one ever uses it anyway.
I also got the tiny tv from the boys room (that hasn't worked for months) out to the curb.
And a huge bag of stuff to donate downstairs.

I have to get the downstairs cleaned, again.
And work on the never ending mountain of laundry.

Which is now bigger because Rayce slept with me for part of the night last night, and he forgot to put a pull up on, and peed all over my bed, blanket, and pillow. Yuck much?!!!

I HAVE to go out shopping tonight to finish up, stocking stuffers and finish shopping for the cousins, so I'm really hoping I feel well enough and that no one else starts getting sick (Mom does NOT deal with vomit, at all, end of story, period).

Anyway, enough for now.
I've gotta feed the kids breakfast and figure out what will soothe my stomach enough to let me get some serious stuff done around the house.

One day and fifteen hours left!

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