Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas :o)

Merry Christmas from Camp Isaac.

We had an amazing Christmas.

The pile of gifts was reasonably sized, in my opinion, for five kids.

They loved every gift.

Charlize said "Santa is the best guy ever. He's my favorite man. When I get big I'm gonna kiss Santa and marry him".

I think she was more excited for Christmas than any of us.
She has even napped happily for several weeks!
Last night she ASKED to go to bed :o)

Liliya got up in the middle of the night, burning up and complaining of a bellyache.
I gave her some motrin and some zofran that was left over from last time she had a bad stomach bug.
After that, she slept through the rest of the night.
Now her fever is back and she's sporting a blotchy rash on her upper cheeks, next to her eyes. 
But she's acting fine.
So I have noooo idea what's going on, and we're left playing it by ear.

Linda and Dave came over for a little while and the kids fought over toys and played together.

I took the boys home about 11, and made it home on hope alone.
(my gas tank is EMPTY, the gas pointer hand thingie was below the red empty line)

Now we're making a big breakfast, the kids are pulling things out of packages, and I'm sitting down for perhaps the first time today.

Mom got me the star lamp I wanted, a radio/alarm clock/noise maker, the little cheapo video camera I have been wanting, and a big fluffy new body pillow. Oh yes, and a gift card to payless so I can replace my sneakers, which are falling apart, literally.

It has been a wonderful day, this Christmas is by far the best of the last several years :o)

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