Bonnie, aka Mama



That's me :o)

The one who changes diapers, does a bazillion loads of laundry every week, constantly sweeps and mops the floors even though it doesn't seem to help. The one who oversees homework, shuttles kids to and from school and t-ball, and goes on massive grocery shopping stock-up trips. The one who loves her mini-van and would drive it whether or not she had any kids. The one who desperately wishes for 'me time' more than twice a year so she could do more scrapbooking and more sleeping. The one who adores photography and taking pictures and hopes to someday be good enough to make a living from it. The one who brushes matted morning hair and searches for lost shoes and is always trying to get more organized, usually to no avail.

That's me.

The Mama.

And I wouldn't have it any other way!


Interests and loves
my kids :o)
my family
long naps
the color brown
warm fall days
cool summer nights
my bed
making lists
attempting organization

  • *Flip Video 16gb Slide HD* (my super ultra more important wish!)
  • printer/copier/scanner (that can print actual photos also, so I can print out labels for my photography CD's)
  • CD label printing software/supplies
  • solid colored 12x12 cardstock (all colors)
  • scrapbooking paper cutter
  • glue dot runners, permanent and repositionable
  • 8gb SD cards
  • blank CD's with cases (data CD's, to store pictures)
  • No Nonsense ankle socks (shoe size 8)
  • anything with dragonflies on it
  • gift cards (WalMart, Target, Old Navy, AC Moore, Five Below, Fashion Bug)
  • size 22 v-neck long sleeve shirts (black, gray, white, green, pink...)
  • size 3x v neck sweaters
  • size 3x zip up hoodies
  • size XXL tank top camis with 'shelf bra'
  • photography props like baby-sized baskets, baby sized hats, wooden letters and numbers...
  • Picture Keeper Pro
  • 28-105mm lens
  • 18-200mm lens
  • learn to crochet books and beginning crocheting supplies
  • huge roll of clear glossy contact paper
  • cat condo/cat tree thing for Benny Boo Boo (a tall one that doesn't take up a lot of floor space)
  • Discovery Center Supporting Membership
  • easy to use beginners sewing machine and beginning supplies like rotary cutter and mat, thread, scissors, bobbins, etc