Mizz Diva Princess.

Four years old. Full of sugar and spice and everything nice. Preschooler. Champion temper-tantrum thrower. Sweet and sassy. Stunningly beautiful. Braid wearing. Pink loving. Dirt playing. Trampoline jumping. Barefoot walking. Paper gluing. Teeth gap noticer. Baby holding. Sticker sticking. Disney Princess Tiana adoring. Nail biting. Flower picking. Water baby. Dress and legging wearer. Earring changing.



Interests and loves
the color pink
Disney Princesses, esp Tiana
Hello Kitty
hair accessories
Polly Pockets
Littlest Pet Shop
18" dolls
Strawberry Shortcake

Wish List
(same for Charlize and Liliya)
Barbies and Barbie clothes
Barbie KEN clothes
Polly Pocket dolls and clothes (nothing magnetic or snap on or pop & swap, rubbery clothes only)
Littlest Pet Shop animals
18" doll clothes and accessories (WalMart has Friends Boutique brand, Target has Our Generation Brand, Toys R Us has Madame Alexander and Journey Girls brand, AC Moore has Springfield dolls brand...)
jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets...
socks and undies
clothes, hoodies with pockets, especially  longer shirts or dresses and leggings

pants- 5 w adjustable waist
tops- 6
shoes- 11 1/2
undies- 4

Group/all/each gift ideas
video game rocker chairs
board games for preschool ages kids, most of the ones we had have so many lost pieces they're no good anymore :o(
contributing membership to the Discovery Center (so we could get into other kids places for free! and go as much as we wanted!)
Toy Story DVD's
lots of rechargeable AA batteries and a recharger
giftcards (Children's Place, Target, Old Navy, Toys R Us, Five Below, Oriental Trading {lots of awesome and cheap craft supplies}...)