Four years old. Finally finding his voice and making his place among his brothers and sisters. Dolphin obsessing. Pants always falling. Buddah-belly-ing. Mohawk sporting. High pitched screaming. Dirt digging. Power Ranger loving. Snack food eating. Real food refusing. Juice drinking. Color orange adoring. Bathtub splashing. Puddle jumping. Non-utensil using. Copy-catting. Cuddle craving.

My stepson.



Interests and loves
the color orange
Power Rangers
Super Heroes
bike riding

Wish List
anything with dolphins (I already got him a big pink 'foam' soft dolphin)
(basically the same as Holden's wish list)
Super Hero Squad toys
Power Rangers
Rescue Heroes
Power Rangers
Adventure Heroes
True Heroes
Power Rangers
Imaginext DC Super Friends
Iron Man (got him the rocket booster Iron Man toy, looks like a kid Iron Man)
Transformers Crossovers (link below)
Power Rangers
socks and undies 
Imaginext playsets and figures
long sleeve shirts and hoodies (esp anything with cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction vehicles..) size 5/6
t-shirts, size 5/6, esp w motorcycles, superheroes, cars, trucks, airplanes, dinosaurs
size 6 undershirts
TV plug-n-play video games

pants- 5 with adjustable waist band
tops- 5/6
shoes- 10
undies- 4

Group/all/each gift ideas
video game rocker chairs
board games for preschool ages kids, most of the ones we had have so many lost pieces they're no good anymore :o(
contributing membership to the Discovery Center (so we could get into other kids places for free! and go as much as we wanted!)
Toy Story DVD's
lots of rechargeable AA batteries and a recharger
giftcards (Children's Place, Target, Old Navy, Toys R Us, Five Below,  Oriental Trading {lots of awesome and cheap craft supplies}...)
plastic bins less than 10" high to put under the kids beds to hold toys and clothes