Dominick Rayce.

Leader of the pack. My boy genius. First-grader. Addicted to TV, computer and video games, and anything electronic. Smart-Alec. Pink milk lover. Outside voice yeller, even when inside. Glasses wearing. Drawing and coloring. Talker. Chatter. Gossiper. Tattle-tale-R. Nosey. Strong willed and one track minded. Water baby. Skateboarder wanna-be. 

My Raycer-bean.

Six years old.
Too smart for his own good.
Mama's boy.


Interests and loves
playing Wii
bike riding
pink milk
the color yellow
Phineas and Ferb (especially Perry)

Wish List
Bullseye the horse from ToyStory
bank that keeps track of how much $ is in it
Legos, just a tub, not a set that builds something in particular
early chapter books like 'Magic Tree House' and 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'
Imaginext playsets like the BatCave, Jokers FunHouse, Dragon Fortress, Imaginext animals (especially dinosaurs and dragons)... anything Imaginext (idea for all boys)
Walkie-talkies (he got Toy Story ones for his birthday that don't really work, can't hear the other person)
how to draw instruction books meant for younger kids
anything Phineas and Ferb
'Screature' Mattel interactive dinosaur
Connect Four
Guess Who Extra
Yoshi figurines (saw a 3 pack at Toys R Us)
Wii games rated EC or E
Spike the Ultra Dinosaur Chomper (hard hand puppet)
socks and undies
long sleeve shirts, hoodies (esp anything with cars, racing, skulls, dinosaurs, flames..) size 8
t-shirts, size 8 (esp w Phineas & Ferb, Mario, dinosaurs, airplanes, race cars on them...)
size 8 undershirts/tank tops
Ninendo DS games & Gameboy Advance games

tops- 8 or Medium
pants- 8
PJ's- 8
shoes- 2
undies- 6

Group/all/each gift ideas

  • video game rocker chairs
  • board games for preschool ages kids, most of the ones we had have so many lost pieces they're no good anymore :o(
  • contributing membership to the Discovery Center (so we could get into other kids places for free! and go as much as we wanted!)
  • Toy Story DVD's
  • How to Train Your Dragon DVD
  • lots of rechargeable AA batteries and a recharger
  • giftcards (Children's Place, Target, Old Navy, Toys R Us, Five Below, Oriental Trading {lots of awesome and cheap craft supplies}...)
  • plastic bins less than 10" tall for underbed storage of toys and clothes
  • Wii games rated EC or E ( specific requests... World of Zoo, anything by Jump Start, Raving Rabbids, Animal Crossing, Elmo's A to Zoo Adventure, Super Hero Squad, Family Game Night games, SimAnimals Africa, Disney Sing It Family Hits, Reader Rabbit {kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, anything dealing with kids favorite tv shows/movies like Dora, Diego, Toy Story, Cars, Phineas and Ferb, Disney Princesses, etc...), Wii fit plus balance board and game