Friday, December 31, 2010


In five years...

I want to be teaching preschool.
Whether it's as a lead teacher or not (depending on if I can manage to get back into/pay for school or not), I want to teach preschool.

I want to be (hopefully) married to an incredible guy, who will be an equal in the relationship and put as much effort into maintaining it as I do/will, who will be an incredible father-like role model for my kids.

I want to live in a nice house, either in a nice quiet little neighborhood or out a little ways into the country.
With a big backyard.
And a porch swing.
And, it sounds corny, but, a white picket fence.

I want to be a soccer mom, running kids to practices and recitals, soccer, softball, dance class, swim lessons.
I want to be helping with homework after school.

I want to be a decent cook, learn how to make yummy, healthy dinners.

I want to host Christmas parties and Easter egg hunts.

I want the life almost every girl dreams of having.

In ten years...

I want to be looking at colleges with the kids.

I want to be taking nice vacations every summer.

I want to have some money in the bank to fall back on.

I want to still be in love, even moreso.

I want to look at my kids and know I'm doing lots of things right, because they're growing into responsible, respectful teenagers. 

Yep, that about does it. That's what I want. 
how do I get there?

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