Sunday, December 12, 2010


I don't know what exactly the problem is but for the last several days I have been so tired that I am not functioning normally.

Coupled with lots of light headedness, it sucks.

I'm calling my Dr in the morning and hoping to get into see her asap for some blood work.

Something is going on, beyond the every day stress and occasional sleeplessness. 
And I'm not messing around with this, I can't afford to mess around with this, because it's interferring with my everyday life.

Today, I could barely get out of bed.

It was almost ten by the time I got up.
I made breakfast, fed and changed the kids, we watched a movie, and we took a nap.
The kids got up at 3, I crawled out of bed at 4 (thank God Mom was here and downstairs), and I still can't manage to get anything done short of the very basics.

I started taking vitamins a week or so ago because I've been so tired and dragged out and just extremely fatigued.

So what the heck is going on.


I actually want to cry about this.


(Just looked back through my blog and realized it's been more than 2 weeks that I've been having this issue... some days are definitely better than others but to realize it's been happening for more than 2 weeks... ugh again)


  1. (((hugs))) bonnie! I'm thinking of you and hoping that it's something that can be helped with a supplement. Didn't you say something about potential anemia? xoxo Don't worry me!!!

  2. Yeah, I tend to be very borderline anemic, and with every pregnancy I was anemic. I was hoping the vitamin would help, I've been taking a prenatal because they have the extra iron. I don't know. But I'm gonna get it taken care of/checked out asap. Calling first thing tomorrow, I should be able to get in within a couple days and I'll try to get the bloodwork done right then. It just sucks being sooooooo blahhhhhh all the time.