Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tis the day after Christmas.
Was supposed to be our third day of Christmas, up in Schenectady/Albany with Dad's side of the family.
But Liliya is still running fevers, and last night I noticed a large swollen gland on one side of her groin, which is apparently sore to the touch.
Sooooo we're home, and we'll be heading to the walk-in either this afternoon or tomorrow.

I've finally got most of the mess cleaned up.
The dining room table still needs to be cleared and wiped, but other than that, the house is pretty much back to its normal state of disarray.
We've got to find places for new toys.

The girls absolutely ADORE their new dollhouse.
(So do I!)
They We played with it for over an hour last night.
They love their new dolls.
They love their new Barbie clothes (FYI, for anyone in the market for Barbie clothes, I got these packs at Big Lots, with 4 or 5 complete outfits in each pack {including purses and shoes) for around $10, and they're nice, the quality feels no different than the brand name Barbie stuff!) and their Disney princess Barbies.

Holden and Dante love their new action figures and playsets.
They love their Iron Man toys.
They love their tiny nerf dart guns.

Rayce LOVES his DS.
And his new video game.
And his sketch book and how to draw book.
And his transforming Perry the platypus.

We had an awesome Christmas.
I really wish we had been able to go to Aunt Connie's today.

But still, it's been a great Christmas.
I'm almost glad it's over, though.
It's been a lot of work, a little stress.
And a lot of great memoriesss :o)

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