Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We woke this morning to find the grass, the sidewalks, the streets and the cars all covered with snow.
Not much.
Just maybe half an inch, but enough to completely cover the ground.
The kids were excited and wanted to play in the snow, but given Liliya's fever (and the lack of sufficient snow, anyway...), it was a no-go for today.

Mom brought home the Sunday paper as usual, and we both sifted through all the ads.

I think I'm doing to try to find Rayce a Nintendo DS Lite. 
Hopefully a used one (if I can find a used one in a color other than pink, yeesh).
I don't really want to, but it's the thing he wants the most.
And I like the idea that the DS Lite can play GameBoy Advance games, I bet I can find them cheeeap.

Also, I guess I'm probably going to get the girls each a LaLaLoopsy doll.
Again, I don't really want to, but it's the thing they each want most.
They're so weird with their huge plastic heads and tiny stick arms and legs. Ugh.
But they realllllly want them, and I really want them to be as excited as I know they will be if they get them.

It's Christmas, and I want them to get what they want most.

Sooo hopefully this works out and I can find it all on sale or used.

If anyone who reads this is looking for a gift idea...
~Rayce is reallllly into Phineas and Ferb, especially Perry the Platypus. He would love any t shirts or hoodies with Phineas, Ferb, or Perry (size 7/8). He really enjoys the larger Bakugan toys like Bakugan Bakumorphs and Bakugan Colossus, any dinosaur or dragon toys (especially by Imaginext), and since I'm planning to get him the DS Lite, any Nintendo DS games or GameBoy Advance games rated E (everyone).
~Holden and Dante are obsessed with anything having to do with action figures. Power Rangers, Transformers, Super Heroes (especially SuperMan, BatMan, SpiderMan, and Iron Man), Super Hero Squad, Rescue Heros, etc, etc, etc. They both also loooove motorcycles and vehicle playsets, especially race track type toys (but made for preschool aged kids, these boys are rough on their toys!).
~Charlize and Liliya are quite the girly girls. They love Barbies and Barbie clothes, Polly Pockets, and their dolls. They have a few 18" dolls they love to dress up and undress and dress up again. Any Barbie, Polly Pocket, or 18" doll (different stores have different brands of the 18" doll clothes and accessories, WalMart has Friends Boutique, Target has Our Generation, Toys R Us has Madame Alexander and Journey Girls... they all fit all of the dolls :o)  toys/clothes/accessories would be adored.
~All of the kids have also been asking for Moon Dough and Presto Dots (both play-doh like toys)
~All five kids could use new sneakers. Rayce is a size 1, Holden is a size 11, Charlize is a size 11, Dante is a size 10, Liliya is a size 9 1/2.
~All of the kids love hoodies. (for hoodies) Rayce is a size 8, Holden is a size 6, Charlize is a size 6, Dante is a size 5, Liliya is a size 5.
~ The girls love dresses (and long shirts like swing-style tops and tunics) with leggings, Charlize needs a size 5 and Liliya needs a size 4.
~Underwear... Rayce needs a size 6, Holden and Charlize both need size 4. (Dante and Liliya have hand-me-downs :o)

If you look back in my blog and read about little Acen Demick who passed away in September, I'm trying to help Acen's little sister Serenity for Christmas, too.
Reni is 4 years old and she loves anything Disney Princess. She currently wears a size 4/5.
If you'd like to help the Demick family out for Christmas, I can give you their info or arrange to pick things up and drop them off to little Reni for Christmas  :o)

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  1. bonnie try ebay honestly for the ds lite.. walmart just had brand new ones on sale for 70 bucks but ebay or if u have a game stop or game craze in binghamton.. up here in cuse we have game craze at the mall and their fairly cheap bout 40 bucks actually or a lil more than that