Sunday, February 13, 2011

We had a great weekend.

Had my nephews birthday party yesterday.
Jeremiah is TWO years old, how the heck did that happen??
Jonny helping his brother blow out the candles (Jeremiah is the little one in the back)

Today, Drew and I went out to breakfast to celebrate Valentine's Day.
He gave me the key to his heart <3
Have I mentioned lately how incredibly head over heels I am for him?!?!

Then this afternoon we went to Corbin's birthday party, at Jumping Jungle.
Happy SIXTH birthday Corbin!!!

When we got home, we did a quick cleanup.
The kids actually *really* helped.
I made it a race, kind of, and they took the bait.

Then my dad and stepmom came over to visit, and they got a pizza from Pudgies for dinner.
Yummmm. I heart pudgies. Like, for real.
Liliya making sure that grampa does indeed have boobies, as she stated to us all.

Now, the kids are watching Toy Story, and it's almost bedtime.
I am utterly exhausted.
We had a great, albeit busy, weekend.
I can't wait to snuggle with my sweetheart for a little bit tonight and then hit the sack early (as soon as he leaves for work!)

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