Tuesday, February 15, 2011

de-cluttering my life

I cleaned the boys' room today.
And I got rid of two big trash bags FULL of toys in the process.
Just from the boys room.

How that tiny little room was even holding that much stuff, I have no idea.
But now everything is put away, in it's place.
They have the smaller toys in the bin organizer.
The bigger toys in the toy box (which is currently only half full!).
And the bigger cars/trucks/vehicles lined up under the edge of the bed.
(I'm desperately hoping I can either buy or get my dad to make some big drawers for under the beds, sometime soon!)

I need to go through the girls' dolls and stuffed animals again.
We need to downsize.
They can't possibly play with all 20 dolls and 40 stuffed animals at the same time, anyway.
We'll keep their 18 inch dolls, and their princess dolls, and weed through the rest.
We'll keep the stuffed animals with sentimental value (in other words, the ones that Anthony got them and the ones that used to be mine when I was a kid!) and ditch the rest.

And I still need to go through ALL of our clothes.
Charlize and Rayce have outgrown practically everything in the last few months.
I need to decide what to keep for the smaller kids and what to ditch.
And I need to pull the size 3 stuff out of Liliya's closet... most of it barely fits and now she'll have size 4 to grow into!

I'm feeling really good about getting rid of so much junk.
 I'm tiiired now, but I can't wait to get more done tomorrow!

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