Friday, February 11, 2011


We are feeling much, much better today. 
A little tired from yesterday.
But MUCH better.
I kept Rayce home again today, because they're not supposed to be at school until they've been healthy for a full 24 hours.
Charlize did get sick again last night, around 11:30pm, all over my floor.


I'm transitioning Brody out into the real world.
Leaving him out of the kennel as much as possible.
He's doing much better with the potty training.
Until he gets upstairs.
In which case he pisses all over the place as quickly as he can before anyone can stop him.
He is also still verrry excitable around the kids.
But he's still a puppy.
He doesn't realize he's the same size as the kids are, and he certainly doesn't realize his strength.
So I just have to keep a close eye on him.
And he stays in his kennel while we nap, while we eat, and overnight.
He is doing better.
He tries soooo hard to be a good boy.
Bailey's new parents are having the very same issues with her, they say that she tries so hard to be a good girl.
I wonder if it's a trait common to these type of mixed breeds, being hard to train.
Because I've seen some of Brody and Bailey's siblings listed on craigslist, too.
I need to find some more toys that Brody likes, that he can't destroy in less than a day.
He likes soft, stuffed toys, especially squeaky ones.
But he tears them completely apart VERY quickly.
He doesn't much care for the hard rubbery type toys (the ones that happen to be more indestructable, of course).


I'm finally planning our 3-4-5 birthday party, for next weekend, for Liliya, Dante, and Holden.
The kids are excited, of course.
For anyone coming, the kids are pretty much set on toys.
If you must buy a toy, the boys are super super obsessed with Power Rangers and any super heroes/action figures. And Liliya is super obsessed with dolls and Disney Princesses in general.
They could use some new art supplies, like crayons, colored pencils, and washable markers.

HOPEFULLY at some point soon I'll get my act together and do their birthday photoshoots :-/
Yes, I know, I'm a slacker.


I'm getting things done around the house that don't get done often.
Not as quickly/as much as I plan/hope, of course.
But progress is progress, especially in our home!

The other day I completely cleared off/out the china cabinet and scrubbed it down.
It was gross.
It looks much better now.

I'm trying to get everything deep cleaned and organized for Mom's birthday, which is in...
about 3 weeks I guess.


I've been spending more 'educational' time with the girls and it's paying off, Liliya is learning some letters and Charlize now knows all of her letters.

I need to start working with Rayce some.
His report card came home Monday and I wasn't impressed :o(
Not that it wasn't a good report card.
It was good.
But it wasn't great.
He's been soooo far ahead for so long, and now he's losing that advantage.
He went from A (above grade level) to M (meets grade level expectations) in a lot of areas.
And his effort grade went from 4 (outstanding) to 3 (average) in a lot of areas too.
I can tell you exactly what the issues are.
First of all, he can't keep his lips zipped.
The boy likes to talk. All the time.
He's easily distracted.
And, to be honest, he's lazy.
He puts forth the minimum amount of effort required to get things done and over with as quickly as possible.

And that's not ok with me.

I don't set the best example, either.

He's not being challenged enough, either.
He brings the same books home as often as possible in his 'book in a bag'.
He really likes the books that are actually songs.
Because then he can sing them, from memory, and he doesn't have to actually read.
He brings home "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" once or twice a week.

I'm thinking we may have to get rid of the TV completely in the afternoons/evenings.
Like, literally unplug it at 4pm. Or even during the week, in general, and only have it on on the weekends, maybe plan to plug it back in on Saturdays after the kids rooms are clean and they've taken care of anything else they're supposed to do.

Something's gotta change, for sure.
I just have to figure out what, and how to make it work.


I didn't get to see my Drewy last night, because I was too sick.
I sleep terribly if I don't get to see him before I go to bed.
Last night was no exception.

Things are going wonderfully <3
My kids have taken to him like he's always been here. Even Liliya, who is slow to warm up to new people.
And Reni has been telling everyone who will listen that I used to have less kids but now I have more kids because I love her and she loves me :o)
How sweet is that?!
The kids play great together, too, especially Charlize and Reni.

What's meant to be will always find a way!


I'm looking into some recreational activities for the kids.
I'm going to enroll the girls in a preschool spring 'dance camp'.
It's only a month long, once a week, but they get to try out 4 different kinds of dance, ballet, jazz, tap, and acro.
I think they'll have a blast, and it'll give me an indication of whether or not it's something they'd like to do long term.
I've requested some info about karate for Rayce, and gymnastics for all the kids.
Still waiting on the info, though!
Especially for the summer, I'd like them to have some kind of structured activities to look forward to and keep them busy.
And if it works out that they really enjoy whatever they try, it'll be great to have something active to do next fall/winter when the weather gets colder again and they can't really play outside.


Anyway, that's more than enough for now.
I've got some really nasty laundry to work on :-X
and some kiddos to bathe and dress and a bookcase and computer desk to clear off and organize.

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