Tuesday, February 22, 2011

just stuff

The girls are still really sick.
Baddd coughing.
Crazy amounts of snot and sneezing.
Liliya coughed till she puked multiple times yesterday.
I'm feeling like I'm getting it, too, but not bad yet, just a little congested and my ears and glands hurt.
Rayce sounded a little hoarse this morning, so we'll see what happens with him.

We've been fairly healthy for most of the winter (compared to previous winters, anyway), and now that it's almost spring, we get slammed with stomach bugs and terrible colds, one after the other.

Tax money should be in todayyyy, I'm so excited!
Can't wait to do a little shopppppingggg!

Speaking of shopping, as I've been purging and organizing the kids stuff, and as we've just had another round of birthdays, I've been thinking about the kids' 'stuff' and what might land in the toybox for a few years instead of being purged in the next round.

I got each of the boys a hotwheels track thingie set for their birthdays, and they're really cool and we all have a lot of fun with them.
This is something I'd like to get more of.

The boys always always always love nothing more than Power Rangers and action figures and super heroes, and the bigger ones seem better (sturdier and not as easy to lose!), so that's another thing I feel good about getting more of.

Also, motorcycle toys are a big hit, as are the magnetic hotwheels (one came with one of the boys birthday sets, I think they're called 'Rev Ups').

Rayce is less and less interested in toys and more and more interested in video games, unfortunately.

As for the girls, it's more of the same.
They love love love Barbies and Polly Pockets and their dollhouse and their 18" dolls and their Littlest Pet Shop toys and their baby dolls.
But having a bin full of Barbies and a bin full of Polly Pockets and a bin full of doll clothes doesn't bother me, because they really do play with them, all the time (and most of those types of toys are small and easy to store!).
I'd like to get the girls more Barbie clothes, in particular.

The kids do not really play with stuffed animals, I want to be sure we don't bring anymore into the house.

The munchkins are calling, I must go.

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