Friday, February 18, 2011

Tomorrow is the big dayyyy!
Party day for my 3,4,&5!!!
Until Holden actually turns 5 in a couple weeks, I am proud Mama/stepMama to THREE FOUR YEAR OLDS!
Charlize, Dante, and Holden are all 4 years old.
Yeesh, Anthony!
I can't even be mad about it anymore.
I mean, I am sometimes.
But right now I find it amusing and I'm chuckling!

Anyway, yes, tomorrow is party day, and I have sooooo much to do in the morning!
My aunt is coming down from Albany and she's going to stay the night, which I forgot about, so I've got to get my bedroom in shape :-/
It's a disaster.

And of course I've got to pick up, sweep, and mop the downstairs.
And clean both bathrooms.
And vacuum the stairs.

LOTSSSS to do.

I guess that should probably be my cue to get these crazed munchkins in bed and either start getting to work or get to bed myself so I can get it all done tomorrow!

Wish me luck :-/ 

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