Saturday, February 26, 2011

ickie sickies

Enough already.
I'm done with winter.
Thank God it's almost March.

The girls are *still* sick.
Coughs and snot.

Rayce is sick.
Same thing.

Mom went to the ER yesterday, thinking she had pneumonia.
Mom, like, never gets sick.
And she never goes to the Dr on the rare occasions when she does.
And she went to the ER.
Turns out she has bronchitis, and they gave her an antibiotic and a steroid to reduce the inflammation in her lungs.

I'm sick.
I'm sure I have a sinus infection.
My ears are so clogged that I can barely hear.
I can't breath out of my nose at all when I lay down.
I'm coughing.
My throat and upper chest innards feel swollen from my adams apple down to the top of my boobs.
I've been running some fevers.

I'm sick of it.

Over it.

Done with it.


Is it spring yet?


In other news.

My house is completely trashed.

I haven't put clean laundry away in weeks and I can no longer find my bedroom.
It's literally buried in clean laundry.

And I have no energy to deal with it.

Doing my best to at least pick up and sweep the downstairs today.

At least the kids rooms are clean.


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