Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dog and chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup.
Chicken noodle soup.
Chicken noodle soup
with a soda on the side.

Or, ya know, juice.

That's what's for lunch.
The girls are starting to feel better.
Fevers are down.
There have been no cough-till-puke episodes today.
Snot is still dripping, but no sneezy snot splashes recently.

I have a headache, and I'm totally going to nap with the kids even though the house is trashed.

I'm pretty sure the mess isn't going to get up and run away.
And if it does, hey, less work for me.

Brody is doing *really* well today.
He's been out ALL day, and we haven't had any real issues, and he's listening really well when I do have to tell him no.
For all the training collar nay-sayers... take THAT!
(And just an FYI, I did shock myself with it before I put it on him... it sure didn't feel good but it wasn't terrible, felt like a quick prick, really). (And another FYI, a quick and low zap when misbehaving is a lot less cruel that leaving a dog tied up outside for it's entire life, or leaving a dog in a kennel for 20 hours a day because he can't be trusted out and about with the kids, or re-homing the dog to someone that certainly would do those same things because the dog is just so wild and crazy and overwhelming!)
After several days of using the collar, more than half the time, he listens when I say no.
If he doesn't listen, I vibrate the collar while I say no again.
If he still doesn't listen, I use the lowest setting shock.
I haven't had to do that at all today, I've only had to use the vibration button a couple times.
And today, he learned to sit :o)
Nowww if he could learn to take the kibble from my hand gently instead of ripping my fingers off...

He's making some significant progress, and I'm happy with him, because I was very worried for a while that I wasn't going to be able to handle him forever.

I love my puppers and I'm very sure now that he'll get to be a real member of the family and not have to be leashed, crated, or outside so much.

The kids are done with their chicken noodle soup.
And now it's naptime :o)

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