Friday, February 4, 2011

Rayce has decided that he doesn't like wrestling
"because they make you do too much work n stuff"

Sooo that was short lived.
I'm glad I didn't buy him wrestling shoes right off the bat, woulda been a waste of money!

He really enjoyed t-ball last spring, and he wants to play soccer in the fall.
So I guess for now, I'll give him the chance to try as much as possible and let him decide where to go from there.


I bought Brody a few new toys last night, and he LOVES them.
Allllll the toys I bought him over the last few months, he couldn't care less about.
He prefers stuffed type toys, and he doesn't like the rubbery or rope toys.
So I got him a couple stuffed squeaky toys, a rattling stuffed toy, and a 'water bottle cruncher'.
He LOVES them.
And I think that him having more things that *are* ok for him to chew on will help him chew less on things that aren't ok to chew on.
I'm hoping, anyway, cuz I'm at the end of my rope and I don't know where to go from here if we can't get him under control.


We're having a sleepover this weekend with Drew and Reni and Drew's little brother Chance, the kids are all really excited.
It'll be nice for Rayce to have another boy to hang out with and play video games with.
Especially since Chance is a couple years older and Rayce really likes to hang out with kids a little older than he is, especially especially other kids that know how to play video games!


Last night I also met someone from craigslist to pick up a big playpen for Melissa.
The thing is old.
It was dirty and needed to be scrubbed, looked like it had been stored in a garage or something for the last 20 years.
BUT it's BIG.
Probably about 3-4 feet, hexagonal.
So I scrubbed it down, bleached the mattress pad, etc etc etc.
It'll be nice to have someplace safe to put Missy Moo down to crawl around, someplace where I can be sure the kids and the dogs won't step on her and someplace easier to keep cleaner than the floor, now that she's finding tiny little pieces of *anything* on the floor and trying to eat them.
And like I said, it's big, there's plenty of room for her to move around, crawl, play, and sleep.
It's a win-win situation.


Anyway, that's all I've got for now.
Gearing up for a busy weekend.
Boys tonight, Dante's birthday tomorrow (FOUR YEARS OLD!), Amy's birthday luncheon tomorrow, sleepover tomorrow night, laundry and cleaning all day Sunday.

Wish me luck and lots of energy!

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