Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions for 2010

I hate making resolutions, because I never, ever follow through.

But this is a new year, a new decade, and I've decided to make just a few, simple, and very reasonable goals.

My biggest physical resolution would usually be to lose weight. I would normally put a number on it. This year, I'm not going that route.

This year, instead of striving to lose a specific amount of weight, my goals are different, smaller, and more specifically, steps to achieve the overall goal.

~ eat salad for lunch 3 days a week (I'm hoping to do it every day but 3 days a week seems like a very reasonable and achievable goal so that's what I'm aiming for)
~ do not eat after dinner is over. If I really actually require a snack, only raw fruits or veggies.

These things should help me lose weight, definitely. But resolving to 'lose XX pounds' never actually does anything for me, so I'm mixing it up this year and hoping for a different result.

My biggest family resolution would normally be 'be a better mom'.

Again... this is wayyyy to vague, too big, too broad. Within the last couple months, I feel like a better mom. I'm enjoying the kids a lot more, generally, and spending a lot more quality time with them.

But this year, I'm going more specific and more achievable, things that will help me be a better mom.

~ follow through with discipline immediately... if I say 'stop that' and XXX doesn't stop, give a warning and follow through, no empty threats, no yelling and begging and pleading and umpteen chances before I get up off my butt and do something about it. No more armchair parenting!
~ consciously work on my relationship with Dante.

My biggest ME resolution would normally be to spend more time on myself. But what does that mean? It never happens...

What makes ME happy? Photography and scrapbooking.

~ continue to work on my photography as much as I can.
~ work on a scrapbook throughout the year. My first project will be an Anthony scrapbook. I'm not going to put a specific allotted time or anything on this. Just to make a point to do it once in a while throughout the year, because it makes me happy.

Soooo, that's it. Usually my list of resolutions is a mile long. But they never happen. So I'm keeping it simple and working on taking small steps in the general direction of a better me :o)

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