Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm tiiiiiiired.
From staying up too late for three nights in a row to see an incredible guy.

Liliya has been fever-free for several days now.
Her knee only seems to bother her while she's climbing stairs.
The lymph node in her groin is smaller than it was.
All in all, I'd feel pretty safe betting this was another one of those strange random viruses.
The poor girl seems to get hit harder with all that lovely stuff.

It was a challenge to get Rayce ready for school this morning.
We all got used to sleeping in till 8 or 9.
Seven AM doesn't agree with any of us.

Today begins the serious potty training with Liliya.
No going back.
No diapers except for nap/bedtime.

I've got to think some more about my new year's resolutions and plan out the steps to get there.

I've got mountains of laundry to put away.
I despise laundry.

I hope I can manage to get a nap with the kiddos today, I'm draggggging already and it isn't even 9am yet!


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