Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I talk about routines and schedules a lot, but I never manage to put them into play.
But that's gotta change.
Life around here is like a free-for-all.
The kids make big messes, don't clean up, and do whatever they want.
It's making me nutsss.

What needs to happen at night?
~after dinner, the kids need to help clean up the downstairs. this includes picking up all the toys, dirty clothes, books, papers on the floor, etc.
~after the downstairs is picked up, I need to sweep.
~while I sweep, Rayce can set up a game for us all to play (if the kids picked up quickly enough that we have time to play a game)
~when the game is done, the kids need to finish their milk and brush their teeth while I get Rayce's backpack together
~the girls take a quick bath while Rayce and I pick out clothes for everyone for tomorrow
~Rayce can read a book out loud to the girls and I as I get the girls into the PJ's and get their hair brushed
~the kids should be in bed, quiet, lights out, by 730
(in order for that to happen, I need to be better about fixing dinner early enough for everything else that needs to happen in between dinner and bedtime)

What needs to happen in the mornings?
~I need to get up and shower before the kids get up.
~Rayce needs to get up and hop in the shower quickly, get dressed, socks and shoes and glasses on
~eat breakfast
~brush teeth
~I need to get Rayce's snack together
~Rayce needs to have his coat and backpack on by 8:11 and be waiting just inside the front door for his bus
~the girls get dressed and hair fixed after Rayce leaves for school

I need to clean up, sweep, mop, work on laundry, while the girls nap from 1-3pm if it isn't done before then.

What needs to happen in the afternoons?
~the kids need a light snack as soon as Rayce gets home, something like fruit and yogurt or pretzels
~Rayce needs to do his homework immediately and quickly and just get it done and over with
(I'm going to have to impose an 'absolutely no tv until homework is done' rule, maybe that will motivate him to get it done in a timely fashion)
~Rayce needs to put everything back in his backpack when he's done, zip it up, and hang it by the front door
~I need to start dinner by 5 so we can eat at or before 6.
(that gives the kids between about 430 and 6ish to watch tv or whatever)

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