Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring/summer projects

A list of things I want to tackle this spring and summer...

  • get the backyard in shape, growing grass, fix the sections of fence that need fixing, get the back deck child-safe (put up trellis work around railings and put new trellis underneath so the kids can't climb under it), get rid of the rest of the wood out behind the garage (rent a big wood chipper and mulch it alllll)
  • paint the kitchen cabinets. probably a weekend project, to take down all the cupboard doors, sand and paint them, sand and paint the cabinet trim work, put it all back together
  • paint the kitchen itself
  • paint the dining room
  • get my brother in law to finish putting the attic back together (or show me what to do, if he puts the wall board up, I'd be happy to mud and sand and paint), finish up the roof, finish the front porch, and finish the back room/mud room
  • empty the basement
  • clean out the garage
  • add a screen door to the back door, so we can hear the kids when they're outside but not let a million bugs inside

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