Friday, January 21, 2011

It's 11:30

And there are at least half a dozen things I should be doing right now.

Ya know.


Bathing and lotion-ing children.

Braiding hair.

Putting laundry away.

Cleaning out the dog kennel.

Wrapping gifts for Miss Reni.
(Happy fifth birthday sweet girl!)

Liliya's third birthday photoshoot, a week and a half late.

Vacuuming bedrooms.

Cleaning bathrooms.

BUT, instead, I'm sitting here, procrastinating.
Thinking about everything I should be doing, instead of just doing it.
I need to stop. 
Just thinking about it is making me as tired as actually doing it would.

Soooo, yeah.
Guess I better get moving.

It's 11:46

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