Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There is just absolutely no point in trying to get anything real done with 6 kids underfoot and active.

So I'm thinking.
About spring.
And summer.
And shopping.

I really need to go shopping for clothes for the kids.
Rayce and Charlize have outgrown so much, at the same time.
And not much of the girls summer clothes from last year will fit this year.
The boys should be ok.

I'm going to get the girls mostly just dresses and leggings for this summer.
Last summer, all they wore were their dresses.
It was a fight to get them into anything else.
There's no point fighting about stuff like that.
So, dresses it is.
With leggings underneath, for the purposes of modesty and to make it easier to play at the parks and go down the slides without chubby thighs painfully squeaking against the plastic.

I need to get them all new sandals, too.

I picked out a bathing suit for myself from Old Navy, a non-halter type, so it won't bother the back of my neck.

We're going with my dad and stepmom to Massanutten again this year.
It's the last year, they're selling their timeshare after this.
I'm excited to go to the water park, especially now that the kids are older and will enjoy it more.

I'm sure we'll go to the cottage on Schroon Lake, too, for a long weekend or something.

And we've been invited to go with Drew's family on vacation, they're planning a trip to a friend's beach condo and possibly a camping trip to Lake Ontario.

Rayce will play t-ball in the spring again.
I'd like to sign Charlize and Holden up for it as well, maybe Dante (I'm not sure he would play, though).

I'd like to get the girls into a dance class for the spring, also.

I can't wait to feel the warm sun on my skin again.
To lay on the trampoline while the kids bounce around me.
I can't wait for the kids to be able to spend all day (almost) every day in the backyard, just playing.

I can't for spring and summer pictures.
For green.
For flowers.

I'd like to try gardening this year, I think the kids would really enjoy it.
I *think* I'd like to get 3 or 4 hay bales to put on the side of the house, to garden in.
I know I want to grow tomatoes and cucumbers.
I'd love to grow broccoli.
And it's my ultimate goal to start the morning glories inside at the right time, so we can put them outside and have them grow all over the trellisses on the sides of the porch.
We always start them too early or too late or transplant them at the wrong time and they almost all die.

I'm taking the Phineas and Ferb approach to summer this year.
Seize the day.

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