Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is it Monday yet?

Is it Monday yet?

I don't normally like Mondays.
But I'm looking forward to the day after tomorrow.

Because it's been CRAZY around here for the last couple of MONTHS.

And after this weekend, we have nothing going on for a while.
No more birthdays, parties, showers.
For several months anyway.

So, this coming week, I've got big plans involving purging and organization and spring cleaning.

And naps.
Every single day.

I haven't had a nap in weeks. 
And I really, really, REALLY need one.

So, shortly, I'll be on my way to pick up Holden and Dante.
Then I'll come home and feed the kids and hopefully put them all to bed at a reasonable time.
And then tomorrow I'll try my best to clean up around 10 pitter-pattering stuff-trampling mess-making feet.
And then I'll feed them all again and drop the boys back off and put three in bed, and crash into my own comfy bed early and sleep alllllllll night long.

And when I wake up, it will be


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