Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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I hear some mumbled words coming from the girls' room.

Man, why am I still awake??

I have been dead tired allllllll day and desperate for sleep.
And now that it's actually time to sleep, I'm awake.
Tired. But still awake.

Charlize is still running a fever, but her coughing hasn't been nearly as bad tonight.
Mom brought home some mucinex mini melts or something and they seem to be helping. 
I just have to pay close attention to when she takes it so I can make sure I stay on top of it and she really gets it every 4 hours, or the coughing gets bad again.
She felt well enough to want some ice cream tonight, anyway.
If her fever lasts past tomorrow (which, tomorrow will be the second day), we'll be headed to the doc on Thursday.

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We're apparently expecting 6-10" of snow tonight and tomorrow.
Are you serious?
I'm sick of winter, already.
Mother Nature needs to take a good long hard look at the calendar.
Sunday was the first day of spring, after all.
This better be winter's last hurrah.
Or else.
Or else...
I'm gonna be pissed, that's what.

Other than that, it's been business as usual around here.

I finished getting the boys room put together today, organized, cleaned up.
Tomorrow I'll get it vacuumed, wash their bedding, and work in the girls room and the hallway and the upstairs bathroom.
Rayce loves his new bed and dressers.
The coolest thing is that since the bunkbeds are metal, he can stick his Bakugans all over it :o)
I'm thinking about getting him some more magnetic stuff, maybe some kids magnetic poetry things, to put on his bunkbeds.

Is it spring yet? 
Cuz I've seriously had enough of this garbage.
I'm ready to open the windows and let the kids play in the backyard all day.
I'm ready to hit the parks and eat dinner out on the deck.
I'm ready for sunny outside pictures and greenery in the backgrounds.
I'm ready for summer vacation and summer fun.

Anyway, nuff for now. 
Must try to get some sleep.

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