Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Editing some old pictures.
Waiting for naptime.
Impatient for spring.
Thinking about photography and how much I adore taking pictures.
Ordering CD mailers.
Wishing for a nice laptop stand and a real mouse for my computer.

Dante, 3rd birthday

Holden, summer 2010, 4 years old

Liliya, Halloween 2010, 2 1/2 years old

Rayce, Christmas 2010, 6 years old

Charlize, summer 2010, 4 years old

Samson Marcus, summer 2010, 10 years old

Charlize's BFF J, running to her daddy, Halloween 2009

I love pictures.
I love my camera.
I love photoshop.
I love photoshop presets.
I love spring, summer, and fall.

Most of all, I love naptime.
And it's finally that time.

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