Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!!!

It's the first day of springggg!
And the sun is shining!!

It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous dayyyyy!

I'm hoping to get the kids outside for some pictures once it warms up a little.
I'm wayyyyyy behind.

I still have not done Liliya's three year pictures.
Or Dante's four year pictures.
Or Holden's five year pictures.

Sooooo it's looking like everyone is going to get 'spring' pictures instead.
As long as I get some nice, portrait quality pictures of the kids about 4 times a year, I'll be content.
Christmas and Easter are a given.
And I always get some nice shots over the summer.
So I guess we're covered.
Enough, anyway.

Soooo, yes, going to shoot for some nice pictures today.
Hoping the kids can spend a large portion of the day in the backyard.

The sun felt sooooo amazing last week.

I'm so glad it's the first day of spring, let's keep our fingers crossed that Mother Nature peeks at the calendar and follows suit :o)

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