Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas :o)

Merry Christmas to everyone :o)

We had a wonderful, amazing Christmas. I got all the things I love... a memory foam mattress topper, for my love of sleep, a new lens for my camera and a huge collage picture from for my love of photography, and the most amazing wooden dragonfly puzzle treasure box for my love of dragonflies and anything that reminds me of Anthony. Most important of all, the kids got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning together, which has always been sooooo important to me :o)

The kids got tons of stuff. Rayce got firetrucks, an 'alive' white tiger cub, a toy laptop, one of those zero gravity cars that chases a laser across the wall... Holden got Tranformers, Power Rangers, a motorcycle toy, die cast cars... Charlize and Liliya got baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and accessories galore... Dante got a shake-n-go race track, trucks, a Bat Cave... they all got socks up the wah-zoo (a very good thing!!!), Leapster games, some preschool games, arts and crafts supplies...

The house is a mess!!!

And we have some very happy and still very excited kiddos :o)

The girls and I are still sick. My cough just won't go away, my ears ache... the girls are sooo snotty, and Liliya and my nephew Jon were both running fevers this morning.

But that didn't dampen our Christmas fun!

Tomorrow, if all goes well, we'll be driving up to Schenectady to Aunt Connie's for Christmas with my dad's side of the family. The weather is looking very iffy, so we'll have to see what actually happens, but we're looking forward to going!!!

Anyway, enough for now... enjoy a few pics!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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