Friday, December 11, 2009


TWO weeks till Christmas!!!

I'm hoping to finish up my shopping tonight. Hoping, being the key word.

This year is a little rough. Last year we had lots of help, lots of distraction, and the kids got *lots* of stuff. This year, all I can swing is 3 presents each. But they'll be getting presents from Grampa and Mima and the great aunts and uncles too. So it's gotta be good enough. Nothing else I can do!

I am sooooo excited for Christmas. I just love it. I love Thanksgiving, and I love Christmas.

It's gonna be a busy weekend. Christmas Eve we're going to my dad and stepmom's. Christmas morning we'll all be here at Mom's. I'll take the boys home after presents and breakfast. Then the following day we're going up to Albany (ish) for Christmas with my dad's side of the family.

I haven't decided if I'm going to take Holden and Dante with me to Albany. I'd like to, no doubt. But I'd also like to take Jonathan and Jeremiah, since my sister doesn't go to these things, because it's been a LONG time since anyone saw Jonny and they have never even met Jeremiah. So I'm debating what to do.

I need to find some nice but inexpensive collage photo frames. I would really like to get one for each of my aunts and uncles, filled with a picture each of all the kids.

I've got a party (kind of) to go to on Sunday. Mom's staying home with the kids. I'm excited for a little adult time!

Anyway, nuff for now.

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