Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm always trying to figure out how to make this house function a little better.

Pauline is getting some kids bedroom furniture from Ikea, and I'm looking at their site and thinking we may have to make a trip to Ikea at tax time for that purpose.

I hate Holden and Dante not having enough space here. They're only here twice a week, normally I have them Tuesdays and then Friday-Saturday. But I want them to feel like this is their home, too, not that we have to make room for them every time they come for the weekend. And right now, Dante is sleeping in the girls room because there just isn't enough room in the boys room. I constantly think about switching the boys and girls rooms. But then I think, Charlize and Liliya are here all the time, so to put them in a smaller space for 24/7 wouldn't be fair, since most of the week, it's just Rayce in the smaller bedroom.

I need smaller dressers for the kids, 3 in the boys room and 2 (even 3) in the girls room. We have huge dressers that take up too much space. I also would really like a set of bunk beds in each room.

And I found some really nice looking stuff from Ikea that is really inexpensive and fits the bill perfectly.

For the girls room.... these small dressers. I also need to find a nice bunk bed set, preferably high enough that I could also fit a trundle underneath.

For the boys room...

The boys already have a set of bunk beds that is working out nicely. It's older, and used, but it's sturdy. It's an oak-type finish, so these dressers would go nicely. I need to find a trundle to go under their bunkbeds, or work something else out for a 3rd bed.

I'm thinking about the above dresser for the girls room, also... it would have to be painted to match a little better, but it's a little bigger and has more drawers, so I feel it would probably function better than the 3 drawer dresser. Hmmmmm.

It's so challenging trying to fit 2 or 3 kids and all their stuff into a tiny bedroom!!!

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