Tuesday, December 8, 2009

21 months ago

Twenty-one months ago, I came in from a long day of birthday shopping with Mom.

I had gotten a haircut and some new bras. I had picked out a few small things for Anthony.

Mom and I ordered Anthony's birthday present online. An IPod engraved with Anthony's 'business signature'.

We ordered a pizza for dinner.

Anthony gave the kids a bath and put them in bed, then ran out to Barnes and Noble to look for the newest Kaki King CD.

He came back empty handed. The new CD wasn't coming out until a few days later.

We watched a movie on TV.

Twenty-one months ago, almost to the minute, I handed him a very awake 8 week old Liliya, kissed him goodnight, and went to bed.

It was the last night I would ever feel him get into bed next to me, kiss me on the cheek, thinking I was asleep, and press his back up against mine.

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