Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am just soooooo tired.
I was up too late last night.
Just couldn't sleep.

I'm paying for it today.
And I've been extra tired lately anyway.

I literally have done *nothing* all day.
No laundry. No picking up.

I tried desperately to get a nap.
But it just didn't happen.

I think naps are a thing of the past for Charlize.
And unfortunately, I can't get a nap unless she naps too.

Rayce has been getting these strange bites.
We flea treated the dog and cats a week ago, and he's still getting them.
Last night I noticed blistery heads on all the spots on his back.
The ones on his face are scabby now.
Chicken pox?
Mild since he was vaccinated against it??
I don't know.

But with Rayce home and Charlize not napping, there was no way Liliya would lay down, either.
I just wanted a nap.


Tomorrow begins my big bedroom bang, since I didn't get to it today.
My room needs to be *emptied*.
And then put back together, neatly.
It's gonna take all day.
If not 2 days.

I pulled out the flash cards to work with Charlize today.
She wasn't interested for long.
She mixes up M, N, and W a lot.
And we haven't even started on lower case letters.
I feel bad sometimes because she's no where close to where Rayce was at the same ago.
He was reading before he turned 5.
She's almost 5 and doesn't even know all of her letters.
I feel guilty for not having the time to work with her like I did with Rayce.
From the time he was TINY, I would point out colors and letters and shapes.
He was so smart.
But by the time Charlize and Holden were 2-3 years old, when they should have been starting to learn these things, I had another baby, had just lost Anthony, and I didn't have it in me to do anything above and beyond what it took to get through each day.
I feel guilty.
But all I can is the best I can do, and I'm trying hard to do what I can now that I realize she needs some help.

Liliya is doing amazingly well with her letters.
She gets confused with several of them, but for just turning 3 years old a couple months ago... she's a smart cookie!!
Video below (previous post) of Liliya naming letters.

Is it bedtime yet?
Cuz I'm ready.

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