Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can you tell from the pictures that I ended up babysitting today?

I miss Missy Moo.
I really doo.

That being said.
Spending ten hours with 6 children underfoot...
reminds me why I told my sister that I can't be their full time babysitter!

I enjoy being the backup.
I need the money.
I love seeing the kids.
But it's too many kids for 9-10-11 hours a day, 5 days a week.
And to think she's going to have 2 more this fall.

So I got nothing done today.
And on top of getting done...
the kids *completelyyyyyyyy* trashed both of the kids' bedrooms.
That I spent the first half of the week cleaning.

So tomorrow is gonna be busy.
Getting everything cleaned BACK up.
Kids rooms.
Hallway and stairs.
And hopefully getting to my bedroom too.

I'm thinking of doing a photo shoot day at some point during the next few weeks.
Setting up my backdrop and lighting, finding a few props, and inviting anyone and everyone to come get some pics taken for cheap.
If I have my equipment set up anyway, and give people maybe a half hour slot for photos, and charge only $15, I can make a little bit of moolah, get some good practice, and get a bunch of new photos for my 'portfolio' and website.

If this photo day is successful, I'll set it up every month or two, especially during the cold months
It'll get a lot of pictures over with in a short time, and I'll only have to set my equipment up once and just leave them up for those few hours during the day.

I'll call it Photo Phrenzy day or something catchy like that.

Anyyyyyway, it's after 11 and I need to get some sleep.
My obnoxious cat will be waking me up sometime between five and six AM, yowling like a female in heat, even though he's a boy.

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