Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bad blogger, random updates

I've been a bad blogger, yet again.
The truth is, I've been crazy busy.
It never ends.
Sweeping and mopping, temper tantrums, and laundry.
And editing photos from this past weekend.
Which you can check out here on my photography blog.

Not much has been going on here.
Same old, same old.

Rayce is back at school after spring break.
Charlize has been having more demonic fits of rage than normal.
Liliya gets funnier every day.
Dante is the only night-trained kid who wakes up dry regularly.
Holden has been having some serious attitude problems lately, worse than usual.

I finally got my bedroom picked up enough to find and vacuum the floor.
Which resulted in tons of laundry to wash.
Laundry that had previously been clean.
Until the kids went on a rampage while they were home with gramma, and tossed every clean piece of clothing all over the floor.
Where it sat. For a couple months.
And now has to be washed again.
But at least my floor is clean now!

I'm beginning to feel kind of blah again.
And I realized just now that it coincides with a lot of other issues I have that have to deal with that time of the month.
I'll have to keep an eye on that and write it down and see if does that every month or it's just a coincidence this month.

Rayce brought his report card home yesterday.
He has missed a LOT of school.
3-5 kids pass around a lot of germs.
But the amount of school he's missed is crazy, and I had no idea the days had added up so much.
His reading level finally went up.
Third grade reading level :o)
My smart cookie.
I was beginning to worry, because his last report card of kindergarten put him at level 21.
And it's stayed at level 21, for 3 report cards, until this most recent one.
I was relieved to see it at the next marker.
Other than that, his report card was typical for him.
A lot of 3's in effort (rated 1-4), a few 4's, and a lot of M's (meets grade level expectations) and A's (above grade level expectations).
His 'constant chatting continues to be an issue'.   :o(
We had a long talk last night about personal responsibility.
And how right now, his responsibility, his job, is to work hard at school.
I don't know if he gets it.
I tried to explain to him how he's so smart, and he has a little bit of an advantage over some of the kids in his class, and he needs to work to keep that advantage. That he needs to put effort into his work to stay a little bit ahead.
He really tends to just do things as quickly as he can to get them over with.
Which results in careless mistakes, sloppy work.
He's very, very distractable, too.
I plan to talk to his teacher about his attention. 
She works with kids, she has forever, so she's seen a lot of kids his age.
I just want to check with someone with lots of kid experience to make sure his issues are relatively normal.
(in the back of my head, part of me is wondering if he's borderline ADD, the only thing he can sit still for and focus on is TV and video/computer games)
I've never had an almost 7 year old boy before, this is my first go-round.
So I just want to cover my bases and be sure.

Anyway, must go...
got to get Rayce ready for school.

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