Sunday, April 10, 2011

I absolutely could not sleep last night, even though I was completely exhausted.
I was up till well after 3am :o(
Had a hard time functioning for the first 3/4 of the day.
Did manage to get a nap, thankfully.

We layed around alllllll day.
Rayce is covered in new spots. Very swollen and hard, red, and warm.
These look different than the spots that I thought were chicken pox last week.
These are definitely bug bites.
He got all the ones on his arms while we were outside yesterday, and he got a couple on his legs at some point.
I just don't know.

We'll be looking for some children's benadryl when we go out grocery shopping tomorrow!

I had quite the little adventure tonight.
Went over to Drew's after I put the kids in bed, like I usually do.
We were hanging out, snuggling, and I kept thinking I heard something.
So I shut the door, because it was unnerving.
And the door locked.
We got locked IN the bedroom.
And no one could find a key to the apartment.
And we couldn't get out.
And we couldn't get the window open.
When we finally did get the window open, Drew wanted ME to jump out and run around the front door, because his shoes weren't in the bedroom. BUT that was like a 6 foot drop.
I fall hard. And I'm not graceful at all.
Drew did this James Bond tuck and roll out the window, it was very amusing and I wish I had gotten it on video.
I tossed him my house key out the window, he ran around and came in the front door, and broke into the bedroom door with a knife.
It was an adventure.
Took us 45 minutes.
By the end of that 45 minutes, I was starting to feel slightly claustrophobic, just from being locked in the bedroom!

When I got home at ten, the kids were still awake.
Still messing around.
They had broken a lightbulb and so Mom had sent them into MY room.
Ummm, how bout not.
So I vacuumed the mess up and sent them back to bed.

I don't know how they can be up so late and still have so much energy the next day.
It never works like that for me!

I put my new car decals on the van today.
It was a pain getting what was left of the old decals off, but it was more than worth it to get the new ones on.
I had to put them at the top of the back window, to avoid the path of the wiper blade, so it doesn't look as nice in that respect.
But the decals are *awesome*.
If you are ever looking for decals for your car (or vinyl decals for anything, really, or custom t-shirts or sweatshirts or anything of that type!), let me know and I'll hook ya up with Harold Green at L&M Graphics (a mommy friend's husband, he's a graphic artist, and he's great at what he does!)! His prices are great, too! I paid just $5 for each of the in loving memory decals, and only $2 each for the stick figures in the family decal. These went on so much more easily than the previous decals I've had, and they seem like a much higher quality.
I loooooove them!

Anyway, nuff for now, it's 11 and I need to hit the hay while I have the chance!

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