Sunday, April 3, 2011

hot shower. heating pad. TLC. check!

It was a long day.

The kids played outside for 4 hours.

I got the girls room cleaned.
Purged a trash bag full.
Broke up 674 fights.
Did 6 loads of laundry.
Put away 4 of those loads (GO ME!).
Made chuck roast for dinner.
Fed and bathed 5 kids.
Gave one haircut.
Clipped 20 nails and cleaned 10 ears.
Dropped off the boys at 7.
Put three kids in bed.

Then I finally got a shower of my own.
Now I'm relaxing in my amazingly comfortable bed, with my heating pad and TLC.
Sister Wives is on next, yay!

Anyway, enough for now. I'm snuggling in and hunkering down for the night.

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