Monday, April 4, 2011

I've been keeping up with getting the laundry put away (well, the kids laundry, anyway).
I'm proud of myself.
Today, we got the boys' room clean.
It was trashed.

I'm tellin ya, these kids can trash a room (or most of a HOUSE) quicker than you can take a quick dump.

But, both of the kids rooms are clean at the moment, and all of their clean laundry is put away.
The boys have fresh bedding on all three beds.

Tomorrow I'm going to wash the girls' bedding and work downstairs.

Then for the rest of the week, I'll be concentrating on claiming my own bedroom back.
At the moment, it's full of clothes.
Most of which don't even belong to me.

I promised myself a couple weeks ago that I wouldn't bring anything into my room that didn't belong to me.
And I haven't, since that point.
But I haven't had the chance to clean up the mess that's been here, yet.
I used to carry all the clean laundry to my room.
I would sort it.
The boys clothes in the black basket, girls clothes in the green basket, my clothes and other misc. stuff in a third basket.
Only, I'm usually terrrrrrrible about putting it away.
So every time the kids would get into my room, they would dump/scatter/toss everything all over the place.
Hence the lack of visible floor in my room.

Soon to change.
Soooooon to change.

Anyway, the kids were up till almost 11pm tonight.
I left to see Drew around 8pm, came home just before 10, and they were still up.
I yelled, threatened, screamed like a banshee for a while until they finally gave up and went to sleep.

I hate nights like tonight.

My kids have been NUTS lately.

I know they are stir-crazy.
It's been a ridiculously long winter and we're all more than ready for spring.
But they have been MONSTERS.

I wasn't overly impressed with a few of the parenting books I ordered.

The SuperNanny book is just re-stating things you can learn directly from the show.
Another book is just full of schedules.

So far, the only one I really enjoyed, that made sense to me, was Love and Logic Magic. 

Ok, nuff for now, my tylenol pm is kicking in.

Hoping for another productive day tomorrow :o)

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