Thursday, April 21, 2011


I never have any good titles for my blog posts anymore.
Because they're all just random thoughts or updates.

I got about 5 loads of laundry done today.
The kids 'cleaned' up their rooms.
Which means I have to go behind them and put things where they actually belong.
But at least they made an effort.

My stomach was giving me terrible issues this afternoon and tonight.

I've got so much to do in the morning.
Photo shoots with 2 precious babiesssss.
My step-cousin Joey's 1 month old daughter, Khloe.
And Joey's sister's 4 day old son, Dexter!
Two babies, cousins.
Can't wait!
I've gotta run and print some pics at CVS first thing in the morning so my stepmom and I can scrapbook after the pictures are done.

Busy busy busy.
It never ends.

Also, must find Easter dresses for the girls.
Like, soon.

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