Saturday, November 14, 2009

So much

I got so much done yesterday.

The kids rooms are (well.... were!) spotless. See videos below as proof that at one moment, the kids rooms were indeed spotless.

I got all the kids laundry put away.

That took hours. Between the bedrooms and the laundry. Literally all day until about 3pm, at which point I layed down for about half an hour, got up, and picked up and swept the downstairs.

Then we went shopping, picked the boys up, came home and had dinner, played for a little while, and the kids went to bed. I went and gave my buddy Brian a hair cut, came home and watched TV for a bit, and then crashed, hard.

The kids were up at 630 today. UGHHHH!! They were playing in their rooms, and I must have dozed off again, when they went downstairs and raided what was left of the popsicles. For breakfast. It was almost like Halloween all over again.

I've got lots to do today. I've gotta keep working on laundry. I've gotta get MY room cleaned and make my bed with fresh bedding. I've gotta give the dog a bath and clean the ferret cage. We're going to my dad's for a few hours this afternoon. And I would really *like* to clean out my van, too. Really. A lot. It's been a long while. Too long.

AND I have a few craft projects ready for the kids, too. But I don't know when we're gonna fit that in!! Maybe after nap? Which will be after we get back from Grampa's? Which will prolly be dinner time. We'll see.

Anyway, I've gotta get moving. So much to do!

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